[SunHELP] grepping lines

Jeff Howie sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Sun Feb 25 08:59:59 CST 2001

Mike Meredith wrote:
> I've put your comment where it belongs --- at the end.

I have to deal with that a lot, too ("you didn't reply to my email properly,
you're supposed to start at the top...". uuuurrr!).

> On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, you wrote:
> > >echo "2,10p\nq\n" | ed -s file
> > Please check this command. It does not work.
> Really ? I'll admit I originally checked it with IRIX --- I don't have
> a Solaris box at home. But ed doesn't change a lot, and I've now
> checked it on a Solaris 7 box, and it works.
> What does 'it does not work' mean ? (i.e. I want more details)

Anyway. I tried your line on our Solaris 8 box under ksh, and it works just like
you said it would.

THKS :&)
Jeff Howie

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