[SunHELP] adding another A5100 array

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Fri Feb 23 21:12:10 CST 2001

	What you have suggested should work in the absence of Volume
Manager.  Unfortunately, I have not tested this with Volume Manager.  You
should probably place a call into support just to be sure.

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Subject: [SunHELP] adding another A5100 array

I have an A5000 and an A5100 array connected to an ultra enterprise 3500.
Each array has 2 gbics in it, and the fiber cables are crossed so each array
is on two different SBUS cards in case of failure. I just bought another
SBUS card with 2 GBIC's in it and another A5100 array. I don't want to plug
both ports on the array into the new card, I'd like to get each port on a
different card.

Can I just move around the fiber the way I want and do a boot -r? Will this
screw up my volumes? (I'm running VxVM) Otherwise, how would I go about

Jay Austad
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CBS Marketwatch
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