[SunHELP] Removing the keyboard...

Shawn Tagseth sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Wed Feb 21 18:51:21 CST 2001

Although I do not plan to do this a lot in the long run, I need to remove
the keyboard from a 420 system an have it still operate.  

I've got a couple sparc 5 stations that, when I remove the keyboard,
everything runs properly.  When I plug the keyboard back in I get the OK
prompt and I can type go and everything seems to run OK.  As soon as I
unplug the keyboard on my 420R the systems stops responding until I plug the
keyboard back in (type go etc).

How do I duplicate the sparc5 behaviour on the 420, or is it possible at
all?  I know that sudden stopages are _not_ good no matter what, but I need
to make the best of a bad situation.


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