[SunHELP] gtk-napster for Solaris

Brian Hechinger sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Sun Feb 11 18:52:24 CST 2001

> If that is a Sparc without Ultra it might run something like
> OpenBSD nicer than Solaris.

i run NetBSD on the two smallest sparcs, but the four "big" ones all run
solaris for one reason or another.  mainly the supported hardware and SMP thing
since two of the four machines are SMP and the other two have FDDI in them and
no-one has SBus FDDI drivers done since from what i hear NPI won't come up off
the documentation of the hardware and at least the NetBSD guys say it'll never
happen.  oh well.

i'm a solaris admin for a living, so i probably wouldn't run Net/OpenBSD on
these things anyway even if i didn't need the hardware support.

> Otherwise I might suggest the client called TekNap, it is a
> wounderfull textbased Napster client

i'll look for it.  turns out i had a really screwed up gtk installation, and
i wiped it out and rebuilt glib and gtk (1.2.8) and installed them and things
went perfectly.

gimp on the other hand.....  well, i was trying to build 1.2.1 but ended up
downlaoded the pre-built 1.0.4 since i can't get gimp to cleanly build on my
sun box, but that'll be taken up with the gimp people.


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