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Sesetty, Ravikumar (GXS, Myta) sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Fri Feb 9 10:49:36 CST 2001

You must have CD to boot in, and to change the passwd file. Or should you
have another account with root privileges.

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Hello everybody:

     When trying to change the default shell of root, I put in a incorrect
location (/sbin/ksh instead of /bin/sh) in /etc/passwd file. Without
I logged out & now, I am trying to logon, it says 'No shell' or invalid
shell. I
haven't set up any passwd for root. I even tried to ftp change the passwd
but, I am not able to ftp as root as because ID does not have password.

     How do I fix this problem ? I do not have OS CD with me, I got is
pre-installed with Solaris 7.

Please let me know.
Thanks in Advance

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