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For 30-50 Solaris Servers/Workstations, Which tool will be the best selection:
Unicenter, Tivoli, SyMon or others ?

By the way, Have you used Cluster technology for load balance between a bundle of Solaris7 servers ? I have no idea on: advantage and disadvantage.

Thanks for your advice.

Best Regards.

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Computer Associates Unicenter is probably the Cadillac of Enterprise 
Management platforms www.cai.com.  Another good one would be Tivoli 
www.tivoli.com.  I have also used SyMon, a Sun product for their servers. 
 This is a pretty slick tool.  It is basically a collection of agents that 
are managed by SyMon.  The master agent can report events of interest up to 
an enterprise manager such as Unicenter, Tivoli, Openview, etc.

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I have been asked to evalute different products for monitoring Solaris
servers and networks. I have used Hp OpenView before and i am looking for
simular products to test.

Products that come in mind is only one at the time beeing: Sun Management

Has anyone testes/used this product and can give a little say on how good 
is, what it can and can't do etc. Dosn't have to a long report, just your
simple thoughts on the matter and foremost, can i do what HP Openview can?

Trond E. Aune

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