[SunHELP] stupid error

Magnus Abrante sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Thu Feb 8 05:32:14 CST 2001

Easiest way imho is to do a rm ./-al, another option is to do a rm -i *, but
thats a bit dangerous ;) (it ask for confirmation before removing any file, so
you can say "n" to each file exept the "-al" file)

Or you can do like you did when you created it; "rm ls -al" should work.

Then you can always use a filemanager, such as filemgr, mc (if you have it
on that box), dtfile ..

there is probably a ton of more ways to do it as well :-)

		//Magnus Abrante
/* This is my opinion and not the one of my empolyer */

> How can you delete a file that is named -al?  Being stupid, I forgot what I
> was doing and typed 'touch ls -al'.  Now, rm and mv both refuse to touch the
> file, whether I quote it, double-quote it, backslash escape it, or stand on
> my head, claiming that -al are illegal arguments.  Help!
> D.A.Bishop
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