[SunHELP] Windowmaker how-to

Brian Scanlan sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Wed Feb 7 07:08:22 CST 2001

On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 12:01:11PM +0000, dhansen at zebra.net wrote:
>  _Now_ for a lesson in a little English language word/concept called "context". Because
> apparently at
> least _you_ need it.

Sorry if I was a little lighthearted, no offence meant.

>  For the question at hand, looking for a how-to document
> re-telling someone the instructions from the application

He was? I thought he was asking howto get HelixCode working 
on his SS20 - The HelixCode (now Zimian) distribution of GNOME
is built for Ultras IIRC.

> because the only way that I can think that it could
> remotely qualify is if either windowmaker or gnome
> were so incredibly horrid as to tie themselves to an
> actual architecture dependency (which they don't, I've
> run them on sun4m hardware before)

Same here, but I believe the binary HelixCode distribution of 
GNOME is built on sun4u. Sure, it might work, to get the best
out of your Sparc 20 with that kinda software, sure you want
to be compiling that kind of software by hand on a system like
a Sparc 20 to get the best out of it...

> or if one were to live
> solely in an ex-windows user world where the very thought 
> of compiling your own trusted software isn't a concept 
> that could even be imagined and the only available
> precompiled packages were compiled with dependencies for
> another hardware platform.

Dude, chill. I disagreed with you on what you thought
the question was. Incidentally, the installer of HelixCode 
puts into dtlogin an option to get into the GNOME desktop
like you do with CDE and OpenWindows. I agree with you on
the lack of detail in the question, it's 'cos of that that
we're bitching at each other. ;)


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