[SunHELP] In addition o my earlier mail -loosing the connection

sunhelp at sunhelp.org sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Wed Feb 7 01:45:14 CST 2001

Hello evertbody,

     I have a sun box on a "203.x.x.x" network, which is carrying a live site.
And i'm on my "192.x.x.x" local network. My sun box(203.x.x.x) has proper subnet
and gateway entries. Sometimes all of a sudden i won't be able to connect to my
sun box, (i won't be able to ping, telnet, ..) evnthough  link led is glowing on
the switch. Just after few minutes it comes alive. The system i have is sun
e-250 with solaris 2.7, i used to face the same problem with on of the ultra-5.
I'm confused, has any one of you faced this problem. help needed ...

   Adding to this, i observeed another thing, when i do a ping to that sun box,
within the segment, then it starts responding.


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