[SunHELP] Cannot see anything on a mounted CD-ROM

sunhelp at sunhelp.org sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Tue Feb 6 18:16:59 CST 2001

It sounds to me that you've been bit by one of the Sun 
recommended patches.

Someone on this list was nice enough to send me a new 
rmmount binary to fix my box.

I can't help you in this way at the moment.  Perhaps 
someone else can.

> Hi,
> My machine is running Solaris 7 (5.7), the CD-ROM drive 
had been working
> since the machine was installed. Since after applying 
some patches from Sun
> and a reboot, I cannot see anything on the CD even if it 
seems the CD is
> mounted. On the console, I saw the following message:-
> /usr/sbin/rmmount(2204) Warning: "/etc/rmmount.conf" line 
17 filesystem type
> "udfs" not recognized.
> Thanks in advance,
> Raymond Lam

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