[SunHelp] sparc 10 advice

Big Endian sunhelp at sunhelp.org
Mon Feb 5 15:18:28 CST 2001

>  >>Seriously, the ZX is a decent frame buffer, and you
>>>will see a slightly
>>>more snappy response, along with greater color depth.
>and not supported since Solaris 2.6, or at all in NetBSD/X11
>>>don't know if I'd spend $175 for what will probably
>>>only be marginally
>i just spent $82 (which seems to be the going rate) for a 4MB VSIMM to make
>the onboard SX go.  just installed it an hour ago, so far, it's great.  it's
>fast enough that i don't notice any laggyness and netscape can't steal all my
>colors anymore.  that's a win to me. :)  the only thing i noticed though is
>that flipping through the virtual workspaces, it does funkyness for a split-
>second, but doesn't cause any real trouble.  so far, fantastic.
>>Well, I guess I wanted to know that. I
>>have an Ultra5/400 I am using... but I
>>am using the sparc 10 as my X terminal
>>of sorts.
>it <$100 is acceptable to you, don't bother with the ZX, overpriced,
>undersupported.  get the VSIMM for the SX, and away you go.

As of Xfree86 4.0.2 the ZX IS supported under linux.  I don't know 
about BSD.  I've used the ZX myself under linux and it works 
WONDERFULY.  If you MUST run solaris then go with the SX but if you 
are willing to use a different *ix then the ZX may be for you.  Also, 
most SS10s don't have an onboard SX.  There was a RARE model that had 
an SX onboard but I've never seen one.  I like my ZX, its great for 
me as a framebuffer under linux.

Daniel Mayfield

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