[SunHELP] Solaris: What is good about it?

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>I have experience running Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
>and Plan9 all on a pentium. However, I am curious
>what are the advantages of Solaris both on a pc
>and a SUN system over these OS's?

Biggest plus as far as I can see is stability. How many 'unplanned system 
do your Wintel boxes require per year? On our 24x6 systems we get very  
concerned if this
figure exceeds one. Personally I think that Solaris is way better than most, if 
not all, Unixes
at handling system load. I've had extensive experience of NT, Linux and AIX 
(IBM's Unix).
And it's very scalable, all the way from a SPARCclassic (yawn) to an E10K, 
(drooollll !!)

I've heard that Solaris is way better on SPARC than on x86, but even the x86 
boxes we've got
are pretty reliable. Linux I love because of the wealth of software support, 
and the fact that you
can get useful work out of a P100 or even 486! (Can't say the same about any 
version of Windows
after v3.1).

However, I would like to see a bit more focus in Solaris on making it easier to 
admin. Microsoft
seem to have got that message loud and clear, Sun don't! Oh, and I don't mean 
fancy GUI, Java
based tools, just soomething that the power users can delve in with. Oh (2) and 
replace that crappy
printing system.....

"Prepare to be azassinated" - Dyslexia of Borg.

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