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"It's worse than it appears"  actually, Dave :-)

You have tax dollars in terms of both outright money and spectrum, and in terms of tax write-offs only available to the biggest players, helping them to consolidate and centralize the Internet. This came from Congress and (probably) the Executive branch also.

So there's a law on the books, that allows you to deduct datacenter expenses, but ONLY if you spend a minimum of $150 million.  

This leaves out all the but biggest, since, after all, you need 2 datacenters that are at least 100 miles away from each other, to be legally "safe" under current practices.  Not many companies other than FAGMAN (FAANG plus Microsoft) need that size of datacenters.  When Honda built a DC in Longmont CO some years back, it was $20 million.

A search for "datacenter 150 million tax incentive" will give you links to programs in NC, VA, FL, IL etc.  Sometimes it is less, like "only" $75 million.

See also the many custom-negotiated deals (none of these huge incentives were available on a smaller scale to smaller operators):


Sigh ...


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On 9/30/21 5:27 PM, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
> Ten years later, Apache httpd had gotten to the point where I could use
> DNS wildcard records to publish to brand new webhosts just by creating
> directories in a network share from my Macintosh workstation.B  Drop
> files in there, and they're accessible to the world.B  How could the next
> decades bring about anything *other* than a massively interconnected,
> decentralized, and censorship-resistant world?
> Yet, somehow we got here, instead.

   Fucking suits, combined with people who think it's just fine to use a 
complex tool without first learning even the simplest things about it. 
And the former are perfectly happy to take advantage of the latter, and 
the latter are too stupid to understand what's going on.


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