[rescue] Anyone build this kit?

David Griffith dave at 661.org
Thu Sep 30 16:03:42 CDT 2021

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On Thu, 30 Sep 2021, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> I recently went looking for a serial terminal for various hobby reasons, and
> soon discovered that actual serial terminals can be quite expensive, even old,
> crusty ones.
> I came across this on Tindie, and decided to give it a try. It looks like it's
> pretty flexible, to the point I can probably easily attach it to the case on a
> low-res LCD display for a zero footprint serial terminal. It uses a PS/2
> keyboard and a VGA monitor.
> https://www.tindie.com/products/petrohi/geoffs-vt100-terminal-kit/
> It's a bit pricey at $52 + $10 shipping, but if it works as good as everyone
> of the reviews says, it's a bargain.

The cost there is because it's a complete kit.  For a one-person operation 
to make up complete kits to go with the boards, the costs add up quickly. 
>From that page, you can get a naked board for $18 + $10 shipping.  That 
one is excessive.  The board is barely any bigger than my Bluebox-AVR 
board, which I sold for around $15 + $2 shipping.

Fortunately, all the design files and such are available at 

David Griffith
dave at 661.org

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