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Thu Sep 30 15:59:19 CDT 2021

>> I don't accept it, TBH.  I run a Raspberry Pi home server with a 6TB
>> ZFS RAID.  It has no internet access and it takes me more than 5min
>> a month to run.
> I really don't want to jump in here, but I can't help myself.  You
> are clearly doing something wrong.

Or, perhaps, right, depending on what the machine's purpose is.  There
are lots of purposes for which a _day_ a month is far too little.
(Tracking bleeding-edge OS builds can be an example.)

I actually don't know how much time my mailhost is soaking up.  That
machine does way more than just mail and it's not possible to
completely disentangle the time costs of it functioning as a mailhost
and it functioning as any of the other things it does: main house
router, VPN endpoint, offsite backup host[%], 5.2 cross-build machine,
FTP server, HTTP server, DNS server, NTP timekeeper, probably a few
other things I've forgotten at the moment....

[%] It's not offsite.  But it is the machine to which I connect the
    disk drive which I rotate offsite once a month.

However, I definitely do believe that if I were to outsource mail
handling, dealing with the headaches that brought would take up way
more time than my in-house setup does.  (And stopping doing email
altogether would incur yet a third set of costs.)  And I have
experience with two very different mail setups at two of my jobs, so I
have at least a little basis for that belief.

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