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Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Thu Sep 30 15:36:12 CDT 2021

On 9/30/21 3:08 PM, Liam Proven wrote:

> *I* am nostalgic for a lot of the old days and the old tech. That's
> why I'm on this list.

And why I'm running a Sun Thor instead of some little tiny four-slot NAS

> But the fact that entire new countries have joined the free world and
> their languages involve letters that cannot be expressed in 7-bit
> ASCII or 8-bit ANSI and yet the modern Internet can cope with this is
> a *good thing*.
> For an American or a Canadian or a Brit to maintain that the 7-bit
> days were good enough for them so to hell with everyone else is
> arrogant and wrong.

Hear, hear!

> I live in a country that calls itself Desko and its inhabitants have a
> perfect right to be able to email that name and it to return to them
> legibly.
> I am not in Russia. I am not using Cyrillic. I am using a language of
> the modern European Union and that language uses the Roman alphabet.
> If old stuff has to change to accommodate the Czechs and the Slovaks
> and the Poles and Hungarians, then change it. The iron curtain has
> gone.
> I want to be able to mention CatalhC6yC<k, and the RendErsC)g in
> Budapest, and talk about TimiHoara or WrocEaw (which I visited earlier
> this month, and was lovely) without it being mangled.
> There is nothing wrong with that, and whatever it takes is justified.

All of this.

Like it or not, the Internet has gone global.  It has become ESSENTIAL
to the everyday lives of a great many people.  It is how some of them
make a living.

In this day and age, saying "Only USASCII has any place on the Internet"
(or even just "in email") is tantamount to saying, "If your first
language is anything but English, sod off, we don't want you around here."

And there has already been *FAR* too much of that.

French.  Icelandic.  Russian.  Hungarian.  Arabic.  Malagasy.  Hindi.
Mandarin.  Xhosa.  tlhIngan.  Be liberal in what you accept.

(But keep the LART ready to hand in case of deliberate abusers.)

I speak at least some of half of those languages, by the way.  Guess
which half if you wish.

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