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Thu Sep 30 09:39:38 CDT 2021

>> Only if you have broken governance.  (Which we do - catastrophically
>> broken - at the moment.)
> Yep.  That happened the instant that network access became a "public
> good" rather than agreements among peers.

Not entirely.  It could have become public infrastructure in the same
sense that roads and water and electricity are (at least some places).
(I'm not sure that would have been better, but it's at least possible.)

It also could have been left private, but governed well.  It was, until
Jon Postel died (or, more precisely, stopped being the apex of Internet
governance).  Though, to be fair, I'm not sure to what extent he would
have been listened to if he'd survived to today's scale; like all
government, he would have been effective only to the extent that anyone
listened to him.

Also, to at least some extent it still is agreements among peers.  It's
just that few-to-none of those peers are willing to put their feet down
on abuse issues.

Unfortunately, handling abuse is one of those thankless jobs that's
noticed only when it's done badly.

> Without an effective "Internet Death Sentence," the
> cost-benefit-analysis for bad behavior favors the sociopathic.

Exactly.  Whenever authority is granted without concomitant
responsibility being imposed, that happens.

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