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Thu Sep 30 08:47:53 CDT 2021

>> I actually don't even bother trying these days, in general; if I get
>> spam from a domain I don't recognize, I block it and forget it.
> As much as I'd like to block mail from all companies in the "Big
> Tech" cartel, too many people I actually need to correspond with have
> webmail accounts on those services.

There is, I think, _nobody_ that I actually _need_ to correspond with
at my home address.  My employers have phone numbers for me, and those
for whom email is critical have arrangements in place, typically some
way for me to use their corporate email systems directly.  (None of
which I _like_, but, so far, all of which I'm willing to tolerate.)

>> ([...] I'm up to some 3100-3200 domains blocked, but it's finally
>> mostly working; very little leaks through noawadays.)
> I've mostly stopped blocking domains by name because of how much spam
> I got from domains that were a day or two old.  A few DNS-based
> heuristics send most of the annoyances away (fly-by-night operations
> often fail to give a reasonable hostname in EHLO).

Yes, a nonconformant HELO/EHLO, or any of various other offenses such
as missing/broken rDNS, will get mail stopped here too.  I speculate
that that is most of the reason I don't get much spam through throwaway

>> I would rather be in a net.subculture populated by just a handful of
>> geeks than accept the corporate "never mind standards, just use our
>> bloatware and it'll all work".
> We're going to end up with a parallel Internet if we want those days
> back.

I'd accept that.  Indeed, to an extent I am accepting it now.

> Far from a bad thing, it seems like part of the intent of the
> original protocols--once you let everyone into something with such
> "market potential," of course the suits and scammers are going to
> entrench themselves.

Only if you have broken governance.  (Which we do - catastrophically
broken - at the moment.)

>> Indeed, to an extent I already am with my refusal to accept mail
>> from spammers like Google.
> I'd love to never receive mail from another Google, Microsoft, or
> Apple domain ever again, but, again, there are just too many people I
> interact with who were tempted by the free cheese in the trap.

There are a lot of people I know who can't email me because they've
picked cesspit-level providers - with my wife at the top of the list.
I'd rather lose their mail - and exert a tiny bit of pressure against
the trend - than have to burn lots of CPU on spamassassin or its ilk,
or, worse, lots of brain cycles on deleting spam or
human-time-intensive filtering techniques.

I guess I'm readier than most to tell people, in so many words if
necessary, "you picked a spamhaus as a provider, switch providers if
you want to mail me".  Occasionally someone (like my doctor's office)
wants to email me; I just tell them my email is not reliable enough for
such uses, without going into the details of the unreliability, and
they have generally been fine with that.

And, indeed, my wife's email is unreliable too, in a different way;
send her mail and it will generally arrive, but it's a good bet she
won't notice unless you get her attention by some other means so she
can search it out.  She gets too much email to handle it all - and
taking something like that on is another price I'm not willing to pay.

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