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Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Sep 30 07:26:44 CDT 2021

>> My SMTP server rejected the result because of the mismatch between
>> the labeling and the content.
> Interesting.  Can it do this as part of the SMTP transaction, or does
> it bounce the message later?

The former.

>> Most appear to believe standards are a quaint relic of the past, or
>> some such, rather than being the only basis the net has for
>> interoperability.)
> There is a far more sinster basis for interoperability--one that
> quickly displaces published standards: corporate fiat.

That tries to.

I'm dealing with mail at one of my jobs right now, where the internal
SMTP server accepts mislabeled mail and delivers it internally without
comment.  I initially set myself up to fetch my mail from them and
deliver it locally to me, but rapidly found they were handing out gross
syntax errors.  Instead of fixing it, they wanted me to use some horrid
bloatware to read my mail (to be fair, they provided the bloatware and
the machine to run it on).

I've been kicking up a bit of a fuss over this, and will continue to do
so until it gets fixed.

> These companies are all to eager to hide mail from small servers in a
> "Junk" folder or deny connections outright, even when I'm trying to
> report their spam to postmaster@

Indeed.  I've lost count of how many domains I've blocked because they
don't support postmaster at .  I actually don't even bother trying these
days, in general; if I get spam from a domain I don't recognize, I
block it and forget it.  I used to try to report it, but the success
rate decreased to the point where dealing with the failures was taking
up more time than doing the reports.  It was turning me even more
bitter and cynical than I already was _and_ was soaking up more time
than I could spare.  I'm up to some 3100-3200 domains blocked, but it's
finally mostly working; very little leaks through noawadays.)

I would rather be in a net.subculture populated by just a handful of
geeks than accept the corporate "never mind standards, just use our
bloatware and it'll all work".  Indeed, to an extent I already am with
my refusal to accept mail from spammers like Google.

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