[rescue] Baffling and unwanted fonts

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Sep 29 22:03:58 CDT 2021

>> That's very worrying; thanks for drawing it to my attention.  It's
>> odd as they're all simple ANSI characters, no Unicode or double-byte
>> characters except [...]

What is an "ANSI" character?  Which ANSI standard, beyond ASCII,
specifies anything relevant here?

I'm moderately sure that the spurious corrupted text is because people
are sending Unicode, encoded as UTF-8, to the list - Unicode codepoints
outside the US-ASCII range represented as double- (or even triple-)
octet sequences.  Is that what you mean by "double-byte characters"?

> (Incidentally, I am posting this as ASCII.B  What is appearing?)

Except for that odd B, it looks reasonable.  If I take "B ", 0x42 0x20,
and put back a high bit on each octet, I get 0xc2 0xa0, which is UTF-8
for U+00a0, NO-BREAK SPACE.  So you may have _intended_ to post as
ASCII, but I suspect you actually didn't - my guess would be, something
converted the first of two spaces to a no-break space.

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