[rescue] FTGH: TK50Z-GA tape drive

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Sep 21 11:04:12 CDT 2021

Next thing in my ongoing declutter/downsize saga: a (possibly broken)
TK50Z-GA tape drive.

At least, that's what the enclosure is marked as.  The drive looks
enough like a TK50 to fool me, but I'm no expert; for all I know it
could have been replaced by a TK70 or some such.  I haven't opened the
enclosure to see if there are markings on the drive proper.

It powers up, in the sense that the fan spins and the red light on the
drive button lights up.  But I have been unable to make it show up on a
SCSI bus.  The drive button's light goes into its fast-flash mode
(flashing at something like 5Hz); pushing the button (toggling it
between in and out) sometimes makes it go solid lit for a little while,
but I've still been unable to make it show up on the bus.  (The host
end is an Adaptec 29something - NetBSD calls it

ahc1 at pci2 dev 14 function 0: Adaptec 2902/04/10/15/20/30C SCSI adapter
ahc1: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 22 (irq 12)
ahc1: aic7850: Ultra Single Channel A, SCSI id=7, 3/253 SCBs

- and it works fine for a couple of disk drives.)

I have no TK50-compatible media any longer (or, if I do, I have no idea
where they are), so I can't test it with a tape in it (the drive is
currently empty).  But I have also been unable to convince the drive to
release the mechanical lock that keeps me from opening the door, so I
couldn't put a tape in it even if I had one.

If anyone wants it anyway, let me know.  It's in Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada, but it's neither light nor particularly small (14x32x30 cm, 8.8
kg), so it would likely be comparatively costly to get it elsewhere.

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