[rescue] HP-97 FTGH

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Mon Sep 20 17:57:02 CDT 2021

I have an HP-97 calculator here that I would like to unload, as part of
my declutter/downsize efforts.  This is a LED-display desktop RPN
calculator with a built-in printer.  Based on the labels, it appears to
be programmable (key labels include LBL, GTO, GSB, RTN, BST, SST, and
there is a switch for switching between "PRGM" and "RUN").  I do not
have any documentation on it (that wouldn't stop me if I really wanted
to make it do tricks, but I have no great hankering to).

The battery pack is flat (very flat - it's supposed to put out around
5V and it actually is pushing about 0.67V).  But the battery pack is
supposed to supply about 5V, so I removed the batteries and connected
5V from a small power supply to the terminals and the calculator turns
on and runs apparently fine.  I don't know whether the batteries are
toast or whether they'd work fine once charged.

I did not test it exhaustively.  The display appears to work normally.
A few basic arithmetic operations did what they're supposed to.

The printer prints, but the paper advance mechanism does not work at
all well.  It makes its little noise, but the paper advances maybe 1mm
when it should be advancing a full line.  I conjecture that some rubber
roller has aged to the point where it no longer grabs the paper well.
Pulling the paper up by hand, I can see that the print looks correct.

I do not have an AC adapter for it (as far as I know), but, as I say,
it does appear to work when fed power on the battery-pack terminals,
and the AC adapter connector looks easy to connect to, though sources
disagree about what kind of power it wants there.

It does include a nice brown plastic (or maybe leather for all I know,
though it feels more like plastic to me) carrying case, the (very
drained) battery pack, and an extra roll of paper which I tucked in the
carrying case in the past and thus presumably is thermal-print paper
suitable for the '97, though I haven't tested it.

This is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  I'd _prefer_ local pickup, but it
wouldn't be too difficult to get it in the post to somewhere in the USA
or Canada; elsewhere I'd want to check into costs before committing to.

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