[rescue] Wanted: T1000 drive mounting brackets and rails

Ken Link iissmart at numberzero.org
Mon Sep 20 16:07:05 CDT 2021

I received two Sun Fire T1000 servers with the hard drives pulled and the
previous owner must have taken the mounting brackets with them. The
handbook shows two HDD configurations, one with a single 3.5" drive using
bracket 341-1136 and another with two 2.5" drives using bracket 341-2929. I
have some 2.5" SAS drives I'd like to use in these so I'm looking for
two 341-2929 brackets if anyone knows where they can be found. The only
hits on ebay are in the hundreds of dollars and come with drives installed
which I don't need. Alternatively if anyone has ideas for securely mounting
the drives without the bracket, I wouldn't be opposed to it since the
server will be closed most of the time. I'd just like some way to secure
the drives without making new holes or cutting into anything.

For the rails, the servers came with the inner portion attached to the
sides but not the outer portion. If anyone has the outer rails for these
(part 371-0098) I'd be interested in those as well. Shipping might be
higher for these but I'd cover the cost. Or are there generic rails I could
get to use with these servers instead?

Thanks in advance!

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