[rescue] Seeking input: what constitutes a good home

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Sep 20 09:35:44 CDT 2021

>> FTGH is based on a trusting relationship, it means I have something,
>> surplus [to] my needs, and I want it to go somewhere where it will
>> be appreciated.

That's approximately what it means to me too.

>> FTGH means please tell me I wasn't wrong to hold on to this item all
>> these years.

That is less accurate for me.  I would _prefer_ that the resources put
into holding onto it weren't wasted, but, well, sunk cost fallacy; when
I've decided something is to go, past resources invested in keeping it
are a sunk cost.

There are some things which I would happily give away FTGH but would
hang onto otherwise.  They are comparatively few such; they're the
things that are right on the border between "keep" and "get rid of" - I
find it easier to let something go if it's going somewhere it'll be

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