[rescue] Interest in Heathkit kit?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Sep 20 00:20:01 CDT 2021

>> [...] Heathkit IM-1202 [...]
> Forgive me, but I think you'll very likely regret getting rid of
> that.

Why would I regret it?

I could probably breadboard something close to functionally identical
(but using LEDs instead of nixies) in a day, now.  And, from a
functionality point of view, there's the Fluke, which is 4.5 digits
instead of 2.5 digits, auto-ranging, runs for years of my typical use
load off a 9V battery instead of needing mains power, has functionality
the Heathkit doesn't even try for (such as frequency measurement), and
is (roughly) a quarter the size and half the weight.

There is the sentimental attachment, but I've already faced that with
getting rid of other things, like most (all?) of my VME-cardcage Suns,
and reclaiming the space, both physical and mental, has been well worth
the price.

I'm seeing only mild things to regret, which I expect to be outweighed
by the positives.  What am I missing?

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