[rescue] Interest in Heathkit kit?

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Sun Sep 19 23:39:23 CDT 2021

I don't know to what extent this is appropriate for this venue.  If
not, just tell me and I'll shut up.  (It's not really computing, but
closely related.)

I've got a Heathkit IM-1202 digital multimeter I built back in the
'70s which I want to get rid of as part of decluttering/downsizing.  It
was my workhorse multimeter for a long time, but I never use it these
days - I've got a Fluke that's a substantially better meter in
basically all functionality respects - and, while I do have a certain
nostalgic attachment to it, that attachment is not enough to push it
into making the "keep it" cut.

It works, at least superficially.  I plugged it in and turned it on.
It lit up (it's got 2=-digit display, using nixies for the 2 digits and
a plain boring neon lamp for the = digit, and other neons for +, -, and
over-range indicators).  I put it on 200ACV and measured the local
mains voltage; it gave me 124, which is a little high but only a little
(the Fluke says 118).  Resistance gives a few hundred K between my
hands, which is roughly what I'd expect (the Fluke agrees).  I have a
fuzzy memory that I rewired something internal; upon opening it up, it
looks as though I just jumpered the two measurement jacks (when
assembled per instructions, it has one jack for voltage and one for
current/resistance).  It would be easy to remove that jumper.

It comes with the test leads - one ground lead with an alligator clip
and one conventional test lead with pointy metal tip - and its book,
which latter contains assembly instructions, parts lists, schematics,
theory-of-operation, and suchlike.  (Hmm, I wonder if I should scan the
book first....)

According to a quick search on my work "smart"phone, other IM-1202s are
going for roughly $100-$150 on epay.  That's not enough to make me feel
it worth the bother of finding someone to list it and suchlike; I'd
rather it go FTGH here to, well, a good home. :-)  It might make a good
first multimeter for someone starting to play with electronics.

Any interest?

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