[rescue] SCSI cables FTGH

Kurt Nowak knowak at alumni.calpoly.edu
Mon Sep 6 14:34:36 CDT 2021

Hi Mouse,

I'd be interested in the HD50 to HD50. I don't want to be a hog and take
all 4 but if there are no other takers...i will. Let me know how much
shipping would be to 91942 USA and your preferred method of payment.



On Sun, Sep 5, 2021, 09:11 Mouse <mouse at rodents-montreal.org> wrote:

> I just went through my bin of SCSI cables.  I've got a bunch I'm ready
> to let go of.  (Cables are comparatively easy for me to pack-&-ship;
> I've managed that recently and expect it to be easy to do again.  In
> case anyone cares, these are in Ottawa, Canada.)
> Caveat: I *think* these are all SCSI, but I haven't tested them all.
> If there's anything else that uses the same connectors, there could be
> surprises here.  (For example, I suspected some of the DB25/Centronics
> cables of being parallel-port printer cables until I actually found one
> of the latter and remembered that printer Centronics has significantly
> fewer pins than SCSI Centronics.)
> These are from assorted makers.  They're from a geek's accumulation
> over multiple decades; multiple cables from the same maker are the
> exception rather than the rule.
> DB25 - Centronics-50: x10, ranging in length from about two feet to
> about six feet.
> HD50 - Centronics-50: x3, each about 3 feet.
> HD50 - HD50: x4, from about 2'6" to about 3 feet.
> HD68 - HD68: x1, about 6'.
> (By HD50, I mean the connector with a D-sub-style shell maybe 10%
> smaller than a DB shell, with two rows of 25 pins each - the connector
> used for, for example, the SPARCStation-20 back-panel SCSI, or PCI
> cards such as the Adaptec AHA-2940 or AHA-2930C.  The HD68 is the same
> thing, only longer, to accommodate the extra pin count of wide SCSI.)
> Any interest?
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