[rescue] Wanted SS5/20 disk bracket, UK preferred

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Sep 4 09:33:16 CDT 2021

>> I will have to dig the box out of storage to see how many I have; I
>> think it is on the order of a dozen.
> I have now found the box.  My guess was pretty accurate: I have 13 of
> them.  [...]

> I'll dig up a few boxes and figure out how to pack them so they stand
> a fighting chance of surviving the trip and will be getting back to
> you people about shipping info and suchlike.

*sigh*  I suck at getting things packed and shipped.

I haven't forgotten about these.  I've just been getting pulled away by
other things...and the difficulty of finding boxes that I expect to
stand up under shipping.  I'm tempted to pick up some plywood to build
inner boxes for them, but that'd be yet another barrier to actually
getting them out the door.

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