[rescue] looking for 386i tapes/images

rescue rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Mar 21 11:19:16 CDT 2021

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I posted.

I've been tediously working to archive all of my old QIC tapes.  I 
learned what to do to resurrect these cartridges on all of my old tapes 
that I wrote over the years and have moved on to original tapes.

Sadly, it is very hit or miss on tapes older than 6150.  Especially if 
the tape was not rewound as the belts do damage to the recording medium 
where they sit in the data area for years.

Such is the case of my one original copy of the 386i Diagnostic 
executive tape.

I've used dd to try to recover the individual tape files (I think there 
are 3, maybe 4).  I've recovered 2 of the tapes files successfully, but 
the 1 or 2 files in the middle is where the belt was sitting for years.

Does anyone have an image of that tape ?

I'm not sure if the diagnostic executive tape is the same as the floppy 
diagnostics disk (which I have).... it might be as it looks like the 
diagnostic executive tape is a short tape (even though it is written on 
a DC600A tape originally by Sun).

I was able to recover my 386i SunOS 4.0.3 Beta and Developer Toolkit 
tapes which I'm thankful for, as my Sun 486i requires that version.  
Thankfully I have the 2 originals, and years ago, I had made 2 copies 
each (so I had the original 2 tapes, a copy of each on DC600s, and a 
copy on DEI tapes).  The original Developer Toolkit tape was not rewound 
and recovery was not possible.  I was able to recover the OS from the 
DC600 copy (and not the DEI copy), and the Developer Toolkit tape from 
the DEI tape (after many attempts) (and not from the DC600).  I almost 
was at the point of recovering tape files from each tape and trying to 
stitch back a working copy from the multiple copies.

If anyone has a copy of this tape (as either a series of dd images of 
each tape file, or an image from the copytape program), I'd be 


-- Curt

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