[rescue] Things I'd like to find good homes for...

Nathan Raymond nraymond at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 21:51:46 CST 2021

Apologies for the long delay in following up, pandemic home life has had
some extra stress with the landlord upstairs disliking the noises little
kids make, especially when your kids get unhappy about remote
schooling/being at home all the time, so he wants us to move after being
here only a few months. Anyway, I finally got through checking the
NeXTstation Turbo Color, HP 9000, SGI Indy, and Sun SPARCstation 20, and
here's the verdict:

NeXTstation Turbo Color
128MB of ECC RAM, 2GB hard drive
Boots and runs great. Soundbox and ADB keyboard work, ADB mouse does not
work. Tested it with a Mac ADB mouse and that works fine. NeXT 17" color
monitor briefly powers up and then the power LED goes out, so I bet it
needs to be recapped. I have a Sun 13W3 to VGA adapter that worked pretty
well with a Dell 2007FP LCD, though a bit of the vertical was cut off. I
emailed Bob Blessin at Black Hole, Inc and he said the NEC 1980SXi LCDs
work well on the NeXT with a VGA adapter, and that he sells the NeXT ADB
hockey puck mice for $39.95 $8 shipping, with $10 credit for sending the
old one back. Clock/settings battery is probably the original Panasonic
BR-2/3A lithium battery so it should be replaced with a new one ($2.95 from
batterystore.com, $4.29 from DigiKey). NeXTSTEP 3.3 quad architecture
install media (m68k/x86,SPARC/PA-RISC) and developer tools included.

HP PA-RISC 9000 712/100
192MB of ECC RAM, 4.5GB hard drive
Boots and runs great. I have NeXTSTEP 3.3 installed on it, and it's some of
the fastest hardware that runs it (can also run Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and
of course HP-UX). Nice thing is that is has standard VGA out for video and
PS/2 connectors for mouse and keyboard. I'll include an IBM PS/2 keyboard
and SGI mouse with it. Clock battery is a Panasonic BR2325 ($2 at
batterystore.com) and should be replaced.

SGI Indy
256MB RAM, 18GB hard drive
Does not power up, the Nidec power supply needs replacing/refurbishing. A
few years ago it was running great... I added a GIO Fast Ethernet card to
it and upgraded the R4000SC 100MHz CPU (which I still have) to the R4400SC
200mhz CPU. The internal battery is the original Dallas DS-1386-8K-150,
which can and should be replaced by a DS-1386-8K-120 which costs about $10.
I'll include a 13W3 to VGA adapter, an SGI keyboard, mouse, the Indycam,
and these SGI CD-ROMs:
SGI Freeware 2.0
SGI Freeware June 1988
Silicon Graphics Developer's Toolbox V6.2b
Silicon Graphics IRIX Developer's Toolbox V6.2C
Silicon Graphics Hot Mix 9
Silicon Graphics Hot Mix 12 + Developer Magic
Silicon Graphics Hot Mix 13
Silicon Graphics Hot Mix 18
The Silicon Surfer World Wide Web Demo CD
SGI WebFORCE Seminar

Sun SPARCstation 20
max RAM, 9GB hard drive
Seems to boot (power LED, fans spin, hard drive spins up) but I don't get
any video. I don't have a Sun monitor, keyboard or mouse and instead have a
Belkin OmniView PS/2 SUN Adapter, which lets me use a VGA monitor and PS/2
keyboard and mouse, so I don't know if the problem is with the SPARCstation
20 or the Belkin OmniView adapter, but if I had to guess I'd say it was the
SPARCstation since trying to get video out with a 13W3 to VGA adapter also
didn't work. I believe the NVRAM chip/battery is original and I'm sure it
needs to be replaced. It has a Sun Turbo XGX Framebuffer installed. The RAM
is maxed out. I have a couple of additional cards - the Sun Fast Ethernet
Adapter, and Sun FastWide Single-Ended SCSI and Fast Ethernet Adapter which
I never got around to installing. I also have the CDs for Sun Solaris 7 for
SPARC/Intel, Sun Solaris 10 11/06 for SPARC/Intel, and a demo disc for
Apple's Macintosh Application Environment (virtual Macintosh) for Solaris
2.3 or later.

Since I don't want to move these again, and this pandemic work from home
with the kids in remote school life has worn me down more than I expected,
I'd really like to part with all of this at once, and ideally someone could
come pick it all up. I'm thinking $600 for the lot. I'm in North Andover,

On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 11:04 PM Nathan Raymond <nraymond at gmail.com> wrote:

> Couple of things - first Ibm still moving, but will be done this week
> I hate moving), so I apologize for not getting back to everyone but I will.
> Second I love the way the thread evolved and meandered, it was so great,
> thatbs the way the internet used to be, back before forums and social
> with the blocks and thread locks and bans and moderators warning blah blah
> blah. I miss the old internet, and Ibm glad this list can still be a bit
> that!
> - Nate

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