[rescue] Anyone in SE Michigan have an old PC?

Christopher Purdy escher.beretta.2112 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 11:29:19 CST 2021

Need a vintage PC with 5.25 FDD for a project.  I purged my stores about
three years ago and lo and behold now need one for a robotics project with
my kids.  We bought some old Teachmover Arms (Super cool BTW) that came
with software discs.  I managed to view the disks using CP/M via my
Commodore 128 (woohoo!!) but can't do anything else... Looks like an entire
curriculum package is included..

Thanks in advance folks!  I'm 10 miles south of Flint, but can meet you
within an hour or so of my house.

Christopher Purdy
Personal Page --> escher.squarespace.com
Observatory Page --> www.promethean-visions.com

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