[rescue] PCI SCSI card needed

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Thu Jan 21 11:57:35 CST 2021

On 1/21/21 12:18 PM, erie patselllis wrote:
> Having moved 1000 miles and not bringing all of my computer things (yet), I
> need to find a SCSI card with either a 25 pin d sub connector or a high
> density 50 pin and a cable to connect to a 50 pin centronics connector (on my
> ancient Linotype Opal Ultra scanner). Hopefully supported on win7 X64
> Before I dive into the eBay nonsense, does anybody on the list have something
> in their junk box or boxbobstuff?

I just checked the final batch of cards waiting in my garage to go to
electronics recycling.  The only PCI card in there is a 4-port SATA host
adapter.  As I thought, I got rid of all the SCSI controllers some years
ago after several calls for interest yielded no nibbles.

On the off chance of any interest, here is what is in that last batch:

One anonymous 4-port PCI SATA card (Silicon Image chipset)
One 501-4127 Creator 1 FFB
One 501-5406 QFE
One PCIe RadeonHD 5570 GPU, unknown brand
One GigaByte PCIe RadeonHD 4550 GPU, 512MB

All were working when last used.  If anyone wants any of these, speak up
now, or they're going to electronics recycling the next time we're out
there, along with two LaserJet 4M Plus printers that we can't get to
work on the network any more.

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