[rescue] GCS scorpion

Ethan Hawke ehawk at ember.systems
Tue Feb 9 16:43:24 CST 2021

Wow, I had no idea about GCS and Australian made SPARC Workstations, and if no one has seen it, there is a history page by one of those involved (on some of GCS' earlier machines it seems) here: http://mbus.sunhelp.org/mirrored/carlo/mxhistory.html

I wasn't really around at the time, but for those that experienced it, were Sun's own hardware not very common here in Aus, in the 90's? Later rackmount servers are really common here, but I rarely see listings for older equipment and all the ones I have got locally seem to be from universities.

And of course it's in Geelong, why do they get all the good stuff? I picked up 2x Ultra 3000's from there last year, in between the lockdowns.



"Richard" ejb at trick-1.net b 10 February 2021 7:47 AM
> Hi folks
> I was in the local recycler (geelong, Australia) the other day and they have a
> gcs scorpion (SS20 clone if I recall)
> mbus.sunhelp.org/systems/gcs/scorpion.htm
> No interest for me ( I have too much) but maybe someone here might be local
> and interested...
> Let me know if interested and I can connect you
> Richard
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