[rescue] SS1000 rescued

Ethan Hawke ehawk at ember.systems
Mon Feb 8 07:28:53 CST 2021

Very nice!

I have been looking for a SPARCServer 1000(e) for a while but they don't seem very common in Australia, would be a very interesting machine to program on as its so well documented.

For spare systems boards, they are a few on eBay and from other recyclers, but they aren't cheap and you will have to procure CPUs separately.

Even though the machine has excellent documentation, there is a surprising lack of Operating Systems for the sun4d systems, OpenBSD never supported it (and even on sun4m, didn't support SMP anyway), and NetBSD strangely lacks support for it, perhaps the technical reference for it (which is available from bitsavers) came out too late for enough systems/interest to justify the development, and Linux while it does support it, has very broken support for any of Sun's 32 bit SPARC systems, only MicroSPARC-I/II seem to work correctly with it, and I have seen discussions that they are planning to drop support completely. That just leaves SunOS/Solaris which I don't have much experience with, so I can't advise on which version is best.

Or you know, just make your own ;)

Have fun!


"Richard" ejb at trick-1.net b 8 February 2021 8:52 PM
> Hi folks
> So rescued a SS1000 today from the local recycler. has
> - 2x CPU boards total of 4CPU - TMS390 Super Sparc CPU & 128MB memory
> - 1x drive card with 4 drives
> - 4x drives in front
> - CD-ROM
> - DAT drive
> Boots a broken Linux install so going to reinstall the operating system.
> What would folks suggest for best SMP support ? Solaris 2.4/2.6? Or should I
> go for NetBSD?
> Anyone know where to get another CPU board?
> Cheers
> Richard
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