[rescue] Looking for the "SERFboard"-included source code

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Thu Sep 17 08:29:09 CDT 2020


The book "SBus: Information, applications, and experience"[1] mentions
a SBus prototyping board called the "SERFboard" [2], that seems to
have been manufactured by "Dawn VME". The book helpfully include a
schematic, and mentions a floppy disk containing source code,
including for the PAL devices to handle some of the SBus protocol.

By some miracle, does someone still have the content of this floppy ?

The motivation - I'm kind of wondering how much efforts it would take
to put a modern [not-so-]small FPGA on a SBus card, perhaps to
implement SSH handshake, or have some USB support, or some SDcard
support, or a small 24-bits framebuffer to a HDMI-compatible plug, or
whatever else would fit in the device...

Thanks & cordially,


[1] ISBN 9781461229421
[2] Beginning of the chapter visible here:

Romain Dolbeau

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