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On Thu, 3 Sep 2020 at 17:52, Maciej W. Rozycki <macro at linux-mips.org> wrote:
>  None of that matters; in fact before WWI, which is when most of the
> railway development happened in the area in question, the parts of Poland
> Czechia now borders with were a part of either the Austro-Hungarian empire
> or Prussia, and were extremely well interconnected.
>  Most of the railway connections going across the newly-established
> border, and there were dozens if you include those between Slovakia and
> Poland as well, were severed though right after WWII, with some actually
> being dismantled right away by the Soviet army (essentially robbed for
> steel and other metals, especially copper from electrified lines; tracks
> of many lines across current Poland were lifted by Soviets who considered
> them war booty, and never rebuilt).
>  During Stalinism there was no room for general cross-border travel, even
> within the Soviet bloc, so especially local connections, even where tracks
> survived the war (like the Harrachov-Szklarska Poreba connection, recently
> restored) were left unused and were often gradually dismantled.  A couple
> of more important links remained, in particular where they were used for
> freight.

Fascinating. DziDnkuje bardzo!

>  And last but not least I don't think the stereotypical choice of drinking
> liquids actually affects railways, and Polish people usually like Czechs
> for various reasons, starting from their great sense of humour presented
> in many movies.

:-D Well no. I suspect perhaps religiosity might be more relevant --
and still not very, at that...

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