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Thu Sep 3 07:49:29 CDT 2020

On Wed, 2 Sep 2020 at 17:46, Sandwich Maker <adh at an.bradford.ma.us> wrote:
> [transitioning thread to geeks, if it continues]

I had not heard of that list before...

> 5 basic digits + 4 optional.  i've gotten mail with just my 5+4 and
> street number.

Yup. I sometimes gave my old UK address as 53, CR4 3SB. It worked.
This amazed people. Most automated forms won't take it, but it is the
valid minimum.

> likewise, though my go-to is the faster-to-type aforementioned 01001.

Sure, but I have never heard of it and did not know it was one. The
_only_ Zip code I suspect most of the outside world knows is the one
from "Beverly Hills 90210".

> ancient political antagonisms, perhaps...

Could be. The Austro-Hungarian empire that was remains quite
well-interconnected, as it is with its German-speaking neighbours.
Poland was never part of it, across the Ore and Jeseniky mountain
ranges. Poles are vodka-drinkers: Czechs and Slovaks and Germans are
beer-drinkers, and in the south and south of them, they are wine

> your description of prague is as my mother and her roommate described
> it.  if i had the travel bug it'd be high on my list.

After the Rona, it's worth it. Surprisingly cheap, but very civilised.

> english speakers may have a bit of a leg up in learning germanic and
> romance languages since it's a bit of a mixture of both.


>  slavic
> languages are something else though.

*So* true. :-(

>  you might have similar trials
> with welsh or irish too, never mind persian or hindi.

It's possible -- I have never tried.

> my brother had to learn japanese and mandarin in his asian-studies
> major.  he said japanese was *hard* but chinese, while strange,
> wasn't.

>From my A1 level Japanese studies to a few phrases of tourist Mandarin, I

> i'm still amused at the commercial effrontery of the largest brewer in
> the us apparently serious in suing budovice - their founder's hometown
> - over trademark interference...

Indeed. They ultimately tried to buy Budvar after the lawsuit failed.
To protect it, the Czech government nationalised it.

Whereas Pilsner Urquell is now owned by Asahi, Staropramen by
Molson-Coors, Starobrno by Heineken, etc... :-(

> that takes me back...  my first exposure to micros was helping carl
> helmers build his first micro, 8008 based.  he quickly moved on to
> 6800s, then the offer to found byte mag...


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