[rescue] Things I'd like to find good homes for...

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Sep 2 08:55:16 CDT 2020

" From: Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com>
" On Wed, 2 Sep 2020 at 14:56, Nathan Raymond <nraymond at gmail.com> wrote:
" > NeXTstation Color Turbo slab, soundbox, ADB keyboard, ADB mouse, 17"
" monitor
" > I'm not sure what would be reasonable to ask on any of this stuff, so I'm
" > open to offers. Would prefer local pickup (01845 in the US) or
" Augh! I could not see any mention of where you are, but I see a number
" there which means zero to me but mentions the USA. Meaning it's on a
" different continent to me (Prague).
" (Can NAmericans really work out what town/city/state whatever just
" from a 5-digit number? I would not know most UK postcodes unless I'd
" lived there or been there a lot, and Czech ones are meaningless to me.
" I live in 182-00 and my office is in 186-00 but both are in Prague 8.
" My building number is 1119/9; since all postcodes here end in 00, it
" would make much more sense to me if the postcode was 182-1119, but no,
" 2-part building numbers are the rule. No idea why.)

yes, we can.  it's a simple duckduckgo query
zipcode 01845
and i find i'm next door!!!  [01835]
but sadly gearing up to unload my own collection also.

" Anyway, I reckon the NeXTstation alone would be worth a few hundred
" $currency for any major one...

obtrivia: one of my mother's college roommates was from prague, an
interesting person i got to meet when the iron curtain came down.
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