[rescue] SunFire V490 FTGH - Minneapolis/St. Paul

Will Enestvedt wenestvedt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 08:31:11 CDT 2020

> Dave McGuire wrote: "V490 requires 220V??  Weird.  I've had a number of
V480s, nearly identical, all ran on 110."

We bought three V890s at one time, and the VAR didn't even realize that they
wanted 208! We had already owned 280Rs, 480s, and 490s so I hadn't even
thought to look it up.

  When they arrived and we unpacked them, we all just stood around staring at
the weird-ass plugs on the power cords and blinking slowly for a minute before
the realization hit.  :7)

  Eventually I think we just had the campus electricians pull a bunch of extra
circuits under the raised floor so we could line them up in a row to look

- Will
Will Enestvedt
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