[rescue] sun servers going spare

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sun Oct 25 16:57:18 CDT 2020

I did some trades with Mike off the list here a long while back. He 
seems like a good guy.

> Jay York <mailto:jay_york at verizon.net>
> October 25, 2020 at 4:55 PM
> I first met him when he was up in Edgewood.B The last I heard of him was
> oddly enough in a hobby shop, now closed, in a shopping center nearby,
> now abandoned.B I was buying an RC helicopter.B I heard the guys behind
> the counter talking about Nicewonger, and I asked if that was Mike
> Nicewonger, and they said yes.B It's a small world.
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> Dave McGuire <mailto:mcguire at neurotica.com>
> October 25, 2020 at 3:38 PM
> On 10/25/20 4:32 PM, Jay York wrote:
>>> B B B B  We'd love to have a '1000!B  I had all but given up on finding 
>>> one.B  I
>>> don't think we can take a '2000 anytime soon though, due to needing a
>>> truck and such, there's too much going on these days for us to manage
>>> that right now.B  But perhaps in the not-too-distant future.B  I can come
>>> down there in a minivan with seats removed soon, in the next week or 
>>> two
>>> I think.B  The '1000, 4/260, etc are no problem in a minivan.
>> The 2000 is a beast.BB  I had a small pick up truck then, which I drove
>> around and backed up to the back of the house.BB  It weighs about 900
>> lbs.BB  It has casters of course, but they have grease fittings too, 
>> which
>> you don't always see.
> B  Yep, I moved one of those once...I'd not try it without a truck with 
> a lift gate.
>> Sometime in the next few weeks would be fine.BB  I'll get in touch
>> directly, off-list.
> B  Sounds good.B  Let's discuss it soon, as it occurs to me that I'll be 
> doing a small road trip this coming week and I may be able to swing 
> through that area during that trip.
>>> B B B B  BTW, I used to live in Laurel, and Silver Spring and Greenbelt 
>>> before
>>> that.
>> I moved from Columbia to Simpsonville/Clarksville/Fulton quite a few
>> years back.
> B  Ahh ok, I know where you are.
>> Did you know Mike Nicewonger?BB  He was my "connection",
>> feeding my "habit" for a while.BB  I still have at least one of those
>> machines.
> B  Mike was my best friend and next-door neighbor!B  I met him at the 
> surplus dealer that he and I frequented on Saturday mornings.B  He 
> later bought the house next door to me.B  Drunks obsessed with good 
> computers, we were. (are)
> B B B B B B B B B B B B  -Dave

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