[rescue] sun servers going spare

Jay York jay_york at verizon.net
Sun Oct 25 16:55:00 CDT 2020

> >/Did you know Mike Nicewonger?B He was my "connection", />/feeding my "habit" for a while.B I still have at least one of those />/machines. /
>     Mike was my best friend and next-door neighbor!  I met him at the
> surplus dealer that he and I frequented on Saturday mornings.  He later
> bought the house next door to me.  Drunks obsessed with good computers,
> we were. (are)
I first met him when he was up in Edgewood.B  The last I heard of him was 
oddly enough in a hobby shop, now closed, in a shopping center nearby, 
now abandoned.B  I was buying an RC helicopter.B  I heard the guys behind 
the counter talking about Nicewonger, and I asked if that was Mike 
Nicewonger, and they said yes.B  It's a small world.

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