[rescue] sun servers going spare

Jay York jay_york at verizon.net
Sun Oct 25 15:32:43 CDT 2020

>     We'd love to have a '1000!  I had all but given up on finding one.  I
> don't think we can take a '2000 anytime soon though, due to needing a
> truck and such, there's too much going on these days for us to manage
> that right now.  But perhaps in the not-too-distant future.  I can come
> down there in a minivan with seats removed soon, in the next week or two
> I think.  The '1000, 4/260, etc are no problem in a minivan.

The 2000 is a beast.B  I had a small pick up truck then, which I drove 
around and backed up to the back of the house.B  It weighs about 900 
lbs.B  It has casters of course, but they have grease fittings too, which 
you don't always see.

Sometime in the next few weeks would be fine.B  I'll get in touch 
directly, off-list.

>     BTW, I used to live in Laurel, and Silver Spring and Greenbelt before
> that.

I moved from Columbia to Simpsonville/Clarksville/Fulton quite a few 
years back.B  Did you know Mike Nicewonger?B  He was my "connection", 
feeding my "habit" for a while.B  I still have at least one of those 


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