[rescue] FTGH: sunos4 manuals

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Oct 22 18:24:56 CDT 2020

i haven't heard back from either of you, so i'm conjecturing that my
direct email has landed in your spam folders and replying via the
list.  apologies to all for the bandwidth...

lmk, either way.

josh, i heard from you first, so you have first refusal.

" From: Joshua Boyd <jdboyd at jdboyd.net>
" I had assumed they would be too expensive for me to justify shipping
" right now.  Thanks for including the quote this time.
" I'll take them.

" From: Andy Wallis <rawallis at panix.com>
" I can take the books. I am up in Maine.

now i have an embarrassment of riches...  and i fear i may have misled
you about shipping costs, through my own ignorance.

the one binder that was claimed shipped for just under $5, and i
didn't think further at the time.  belatedly realizing i ought to
check, a troll through usps.gov led me to
and the total collection weighs 35lbs on my bathroom scale - but i
can't [so far] get it into a single box.

all but the general index fill a banker's box; that division is
8+27lbs, for book rate shipping of $6.52 + $16.78, $23.30 total.

is that now too much?

andy, i'm in 01830, ne ma.  if you're not much farther than say
portland, a meet to exchange might not be out.
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