[rescue] printers going spare

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Thu Oct 1 08:18:10 CDT 2020

tis 2020-09-29 klockan 18:28 -0400 skrev Jay York:
> You know the drill.B  Twelve years ago I met the love of my life.
> Eight 
> years ago she moved in.B  And I stopped accumulating Sun gear.
> Seven years ago we got married, six years ago she got pregnant, five 
> plus years ago our beautiful daughter was born.B  And it's time for
> some 
> of this gear to go.
> Look for other stuff coming up, but right now I have printers and 
> scanners to go.
> 2 Newsprinter 20 printers
> 2 Sparcprinter E printers
> Assorted HP scanners with document feeders

Newsprinter 20 printer that is the printer itself but the card and the
cable ?

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