[rescue] rescue DBlade 100 NVRAM replacement

Chris Quayle syseng at gfsys.co.uk
Thu Nov 12 16:34:04 CST 2020

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> Hi All
> Given the original M48T59 and a replacement I found of DS1553 are both end of
> life, anyone found another NVRAM which will work in the Blade 100?
> Sadly the ones I use in the Ultra 5/10 etc do not work in the OBP 4.X systems
> such as the Blade 100/150.
> Peter
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That's fine. One thing you need to check if you are buying new,
or from Ebay sellers, is the date code. Have seen quite a few on sale
with 1999/2000 datecodes or similar and they will all be dead, unused or
not, since the batteries have a limited shelf life. Some of that
type have an internal switch, which isolates the batteries
until first power up, but not sure which types they are. It's also
quite well known that some so called replacements have issues with
the clock chip section, but you need to dig to find out which.

Much easier to put on a battery holder and is a permanent job.
The battery can be replaced with power on, which avoids loss
of contents. Have more of these to do this year, but will write a
script for the reprogramming, saves time etc...



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