[rescue] rescue DBlade 100 NVRAM replacement

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Wed Nov 11 14:15:02 CST 2020

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>> Hi All
>> Given the original M48T59 and a replacement I found of DS1553 are both end
>> life, anyone found another NVRAM which will work in the Blade 100?
>> Sadly the ones I use in the Ultra 5/10 etc do not work in the OBP 4.X
>> such as the Blade 100/150.
>> Peter
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> Peter,
> Usually a lurker on list, but have done several idprom batteries this
> year, as I work work through a decades old sun collection.
> Originally, used to epoxy a battery on top of the idprom, but that
> looks a bit untidy and not enough clearance for sbus cards in ss20
> and similar.
> Procedure now is to mill the epoxy to find the wires as usual, make
> a break in one of the old cells, solder a couple of wires and epoxy
> a small pcb mount battery holder to the end of the prom. Takes about
> an hour with quick set epoxy and is robust and quite neat. Using a
> CR2032 cell, a much higher capacity and should last 15 years or
> more, cheaper too. If you are local, (Oxford) happy to help with this...
> Regards,
> Chris
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Hi Chris

Thanks for the info and the offer. These are for supplying new to a customer,
so replacing the batts is not an option, at least for now. The 48T58 ones work
just fine in the OBP3.X systems such us U5 etc, but for some reason OBP 4
prevents Solaris booting with them, giving a Tod error during Solaris loading.
The Ds1553 worked just like the Original 48T59 and was still available a year
or so ago, but now it appears stocks ha e gone from the normal suppliers,
hence the reason for the email.


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