[rescue] [OT]A boomerang of unusual dimensions.

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sun Nov 8 13:30:52 CST 2020

" From: Mark M <mmehalik at gmail.com>
" As you all may recall, Jay York offered up 2 sweet servers, one of which is
" []
" In rough terms though, it was bought new in center city Philadelphia, moved
" slightly west, then back to Drexel med, then something(s) happened and it
" ended up in Ken's possession in NJ, from whom Jay rescued it to MD, then to
" me, who lives in Philadelphia, in University City, and works for the
" original purchaser. In 20 years, it's moved hundreds of miles to settle
" around 3 miles from where it was originally unpacked.
" I hope this story was enjoyable and not out of bounds of the list, I just
" joined and would be bummed to get voted off the island. And thanks again to
" Jay.

1.5 degrees of separation!  my late dad was a philly boy and proud
drexel alum.  my mom's sister spent her career in philly as a bryn
mawr prof.
Andrew Hay                                  the genius nature
internet rambler                            is to see what all have seen
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