[rescue] CD problems

silvercreekvalley silvercreekvalley at yahoo.com
Wed May 20 16:23:58 CDT 2020

Thanks for the help with this.

So I checked the CD ROM docs (its a Yamaha drive) and sure enough the block
size jumper was missing :)

So Ibve installed a jumper and now, it gets a bit further.


b sd(0,6,2)

I get

Boot sd(0,6,2)
boot cannot open kernel/unix
Enter filename

sometimes it says

bootblk not UFS

Ibm using my original Solaris 2.5 CD, and did check with a couple of older
ones (2.3, etc) and same error.

Interestingly Solaris 8 tells me the processor is not supported (which is

Is this just a matter of trying more CD drives ? The Yamaha is circa 2000 so
is a writer and reader.

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