[rescue] CD problems

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Tue May 19 19:42:20 CDT 2020

I dimly recall that it mattered (not sure why) at what SPEED I wrote the CD-R media.

I would write at max speed, it completed with no errors, but would not work.

Try writing your media at 1X or 2X speed, and see what happens.



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Fresh from my success at getting the CDROM working on the Ultra 10, I thought
Ibd try the Sparcstation.

This is a 1+, so quite early.

Its got a HD fitted, which checks out OK on the ULTRA (attached via an
external box).

Ibve plugged the CDROM drive into the Sparcstation, and typed

b sd(0,6,2)

at the prompt. The CDROM drive whirs and the read light flashes and then it

Booting from: sd(0,6,2)

Bad magic number in disk label!
The file just loaded does not appear to be executable

Now I know the CDROM and media is OK as it works on the Ultra 10.


on the Sparcstation sees the CDROM drive correctly, and the installed hard

I installed NetBSD on the hard-drive and it boots OK off that so Ibm fairly
sure the disk is OK.

Anything else I could try? NVRAM on the sparcstation is OK - I replaced it a
few years ago.

Thanks :)
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