[rescue] pISO CDROM emulating USB sticks available

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Wed Jun 24 11:36:05 CDT 2020


I hope everybody is well in these times.

I recently wanted something that could emulate a CDROM player from an image. I
found the pISO Kickststarter project(1). This is a little PCB that works with
a Raspberry Pi Zero that holds ISO images on an SDCARD. The thing can be used
as a regular USB stick with multiple partitions, or as a CDROM from an ISO. It
has a small OLED display and three buttons to operate it. The Kickstarter
project failed: half the people got nothing. But the people that got a pISO
were happy with it. The creator made it open source hardware and software so I
thought this would be a nice first SMB soldering project for me after having
done a lot of through the hole soldering(2).

Since itbs cheaper to buy PCBs and electronics in (small) bulk, I ordered
stuff for 30 pISObs. I am keeping a few myself and the rest is going on
eBay. But first I would like to offer them to the rescue community for about
the price of the hardware, not counting all the hours I spent on them. on eBay
I will ask more.

What you get is:
- the hand soldered PCB that is the actual pISO
- a 3D printed case, held together with 4 M2.5 screws
- a 32GB SD-card already containing the pISO boot loader and 2 partitions, one
of which has a selection of OS CD images
- optional: a Raspberry Pi Zero v1.2 or v1.3

Images of them are here: https://cloud.giga.nl/s/fqqn3RAEQi7tpLq

The pISO connects to the RPi using spring loaded contacts, so the RPi just
needs to be added and the cover screwed on for it to work.

I would like EUR 45 for the full kit (pISO+case+screws+prefilled SDcard+RPi),
or EUR 35 for everything but the RPi. Just add one yourself.(3)
Shipping from the Netherlands. Shipping to the USA is about EUR 5 for
unregistered mail (also not insured) or EUR 20 for registered mail.


2. Ibm co-creator of https://gigatron.io/ <https://gigatron.io/>
3. I have tested all the pISObs with a Rpi, but do not give support on
pISObs bought without RPi

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